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The Story:
First of all I want to take the time to thank all of you for taking the time to visit our store and for placing your trust in our company. is the brainchild of a group of ghost researchers with the simple mission of serving other individuals with a passion
for ghost research. Through our own personal experiences in the past we had discovered that the existing ghost hunters stores were
offering an inadequate selection of low quality equipment, offering poor customer service, exorbitant shipping delays, extremely
inflated prices, and/or were merely an Amazon Storefronts .   First and foremost we believed that the paranormal research community
deserved and needed a one stop shop that they could depend on for all of their equipment, clothing, books, videos, etc. Furthermore
we believed that an online store offering ghost hunting and paranormal research equipment could be very successful if the emphasis
was moved from profit and placed on value, customer satisfaction, wide selection, and fast shipping.   With these principles in mind
we began our journey which has grown into the ghost hunters store that you see today.  From the unbelievable response we have
received over the past three years it seems that ghost hunters and paranormal researchers all over the world appreciate our attention
and dedication to these seemingly simple principles.   Today we offer a wide variety of ghost hunting and para-research equipment
including EMF meters, IR thermometers, motion sensors, digital voice recorders, EVP microphones, ghost clothing, equipment cases,
 flashlights, paranormal books, Ghost! Magazine, paranormal DVD's, and even gift certificates. We are all searching
for the truth and our belief that the truth is out there is what keeps us going. The Ghost-Mart staff just wants to make sure that high
quality and affordable research tools are available to everyone. Thank you for three solid years of growth and success.  We look
forward to serving ghost hunting community and research enthusiasts for many years to come. Updated: 06

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Ghost-Mart is currently closed while we upgrade the website and
transition to Fulfillment by Amazon.  This will allow us to offer the highest
level of service coupled with lightning fast shipping, accurate fulfillment,
and lower shipping costs. While the orders will be fulfilled by Amazon
and our products will be housed in Amazon's warehouse in Lexington,
KY these will still be our products.  We will maintain all other aspects of
the order process including customer service and order processing.  
Shipping costs will be reduced significantly while speed and accuracy
will most certainly improve.  The time and manpower required to fulfill
our ever increasing number of orders has made this change vital in
order to provide our fellow paranormal researchers with the high level of
service you have come to expect from us.  Please visit us again after
9/1/2010 and thank you all for your continued patronage and support.
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